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    systemic coach & family constellations facilitator

    energy & sound healing

    retreats in nature


    Sometimes we need to slow down to move forward

    This pilgrimage called life feels like a rollercoaster of a journey at times, doesn't it?


    I believe that when we feel lost, numb, searching or in crisis, our soul calling for us to embark on a journey within, to follow that inner swirl and explore which areas of life are misaligned.


    I'm a systemic practitioner and l'll support you on your transformational journey to

    - identify & understand the root cause of what is blocking you and your energy field

    - find clarity & release what is not yours to hold

    - heal your heart

    - reconnect with your soul

    - discover what truly deeply matters to you

    - and to create the life aligned to your soul's calling


    Through systemic exploration in 1:1 sessions and retreats in nature I create space for you to slow down, presence and breathe deeply again.

  • Getting to the heart of what is needed

    to take a healthy step forward in life

    Do any of the following feelings ring true? I'm here to support you find clarity & peace within

    Groundhog day

    Are you tired of being caught in a repetitive pattern?

    Whether in a personal relationship or work situation do feel you've tried everything and keep on ending up in the same situation?


    Systemic coaching and constellations reveal entanglements, limiting beliefs, mental blocks, and help to discover what or who we are unknowingly being loyal to and what can be the cost of not being true to yourself and following your own path.

    Endings and Beginnings

    Has a significant personal, family or work relationship broken up and you feel lost and do not know how to get back on your own two feet and healthily navigate the months ahead?


    Systemic Ritual supports revealing what is needed to take a healthy step forward in life. I am here to create the ritual you need to support your healthy separation and invite in a healthy new beginning.

    Family dynamics

    Are you curious to explore how your family history and dynamics consciously and unconsciously weave into how you show up and respond in life, love and work?


    Family constellations are an embodied experience that reveal unseen family and larger systemic dynamics and how they have shaped us. The systemic explorations supports identifying and releasing ourselves from suffering, and finding resources to support the onward flow of life

    Burnout and depletion

    Are you feeling exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally burned out, overwhelmed by the demands of life and those around you and have no idea how to move forward?


    Systemic coaching and constellations as well as soulful sound medicine sessions will support to rebalance your nervous system as well as find resources to support you in every day life

  • Systemic Exploration

    "Health is being in the right place" ~ Bert Hellinger


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    Systemic Coaching & Constellations

    One-to-One Soul Sessions

    I am a coach and systemic practitioner with a lense on family systems. My holistic approach supports your personal inward journey whilst navigating a significant professional or life transition.

    I believe everything in life extends from the relationship we have with ourselves and that personal growth and healing are closely interwoven.


    We will embark on a journey that deepens your learning about yourself by identifying areas of your life that are calling for your attention. I'll support you to slow down to tend to what needs tending to to live in true alignment with your heart and soul. We shine a light on parts of you you may have bottled away long ago; we'll explore your hopes and dreams and enquire into what is holding you back.


    On your journey you will discover what deeply matters to you and how to take steps forward, however small or big these may be to allow life, love and work to unfold and create a life that embraces and reflects your true nature within.


    My coaching style is intuitive & can morph from deep enquiry, soulful guidance, embodied work to pragmatic planning depending on the topic brought to the session.


    Sessions via Zoom, phone or in real life face-to-face.

    We'll meet in West Dorset, UK where I live, or another place we agree upon.


    Sessions offered in English and German.

  • Circles & Retreats in nature

    We often get so stuck into daily life that we forget to consider what we're escaping from and running towards. Retreats create space to throw the anchor, slow down and reconnect with what matters to you, find clarity and take the first steps towards the life you want to live. Whether it be a shift in career or personal life. We'll have plenty of time to unplug, have deep and soulful conversations, explore what feels misaligned in life and gain clarity.


    Workshops & retreats will always be held in unique locations that invite you to digitally detox and recharge.

    Monthly Online Sessions

    On the Monday nearest full moon

    Jan 17th 2022 @ 10am and 6.30pm GMT

    Feb 14th 2022 @ 6.30pm GMT

    Systemic Journaling Circle

    I’ll take you on a journey to connect with a topic that currently feels like a weight on your shoulders, taking up a significant space in your energy field - whether personal or work-related (or it may well relate to both).


    Weaving guided visualised mediation, singing bowls, elements of systemic constellations and journaling I’ll guide you to tap into your embodied wisdom to reveal what’s needed to do, say, shift to feel lighter within.


    Book your session here to join me in ceremony and enquiry to reveal the best next step to feel lighter by listening to the messages of the heart

    Roots & Wings

    6-12 Sept 2020 in Portugal




    Roots & Wings

    Connection - Constellations - Conversations


    I've decided to wait a little longer before hosting this retreat again, until it feels safe to travel abroad. In the meantime I am creating beautiful journeys for you to join here in the UK.

    I'll share more when it's taken shape.







    Send me a message


    Solo Soul Retreat

    1 - 3 days, in a location we decide on together

    From camping to 5* Spa hotel


    Bepoke 1:1 retreat to suit your diary & budget


    Join me in the South West of the UK or in a place we decide upon together for your very own tailor made retreat aligned to what you need most right now.


    A nourishing space to gain perspective on life, a specific challenge and/or your business. A soulful space where all you need to do is show up as yourself, with no responsibility for anything or anyone else.


    Half a day - 3 days.

    I look forward to journeying along side you.


    Please connect here for further details

    Spirit of Nature

    2020 dates & locations



    Spirit of Nature

    Wherever you are in your life you can always begin again. Each minute, day, month, season provides you with an opportunity for a fresh start. To let go of the old and make way for the new. After all, it is nature’s way.


    Join me in turning to nature on the outside to support you in finding your way back to your own true nature inside, reconnect with your soul.



    Send me a message


    About Me







    Systemic Coach & Constellations Facilitator

    Reiki Practitioner

    Sound Healing

    Me in a nutshell

    Originally from Wales, growing up as a third culture kid in Germany, attending an international school with children from nearly 50 nations, I‘ve been fascinated by people, their cultures and communication from a very young age. And this has remained so until today – whether going to uni in The Netherlands and Spain studying International Business and Social Psychology, travelling the world off the beaten track backpacking as well as by sailboat across the Pacific, or working with corporate executives, creative talents and building sustainable communities with local tribes on tropical islands; I've learned the beauty and power of communication with each individual - whether a parent, an employee, CEO, Tribe Chief, team member or creative soul - in their own language, figuratively speaking. By watching and listening. My curiosity and love of non-verbal as well as verbal communication runs deep.

    Losing me

    This deep connection to communication lead me to the world of advertising - and to cut a very long story short also lead to a major burnout in 2005. I was standing in front of the door to the office and literally couldn’t set a foot inside the building. I froze, my chest cramped, I couldn’t breathe. Thoughts rushed through my head — What am I doing with my life? This can’t be it. I’m following somebody else’s agenda. I feel like someone is controlling my life with a remote control. What’s in all of this for me? Apart from a paycheck, and mental and physical exhaustion? Absolutely nothing of value! I felt numb. I turned around and walked away. At the time I had no clue what to do or who to turn to. All I knew is that I wanted to escape the 16 hour days I was working. Fill my life with more purpose and add value.

    My only identity at the time was the job title on my business card. And through all of this my outward bubbly personality masked what was going on deep within and I kept all my fears and anxiety to myself. I used to compare myself to a duck (this is no joke): on the surface I looked calm and serene, but under the surface I was paddling furiously. I never talked about what was really going on. Covered it up so as not to be a burden on others. It was time to take off that protective armour I had put on on my first day of work.

    Unravelling me

    Since then I've been on a long journey of slowing down, reevaluating life, inner healing, understanding my mind chatter, and rediscovering myself. I attempted change alone multiple times and failed. Only when I opened myself up to the fears and challenges ahead and reached out for support did the real transition kick in. It's been a physical, mental and very emotional journey which took many turnings and has ultimately lead to me following and combining my love of coaching, travel & adventure, and community.

    Medicine for the soul

    I'm a systemic coach and constellations practitioner with a lens on family systems, offering 1:1 guidance, group circles & retreats in nature.


    I draw on my deep journey with family constellations work (Systemic Consciousness with Lynn Stoney), as well as team and organisational systems (Coaching Constellations Ltd), Co-Active Coach (CTI), and Career Coach (Firework Ltd.). I am also a Reiki practitioner and Sound therapist, in which I am supported by my Medicine Drum, Himalayan singing bowls and tuning forks). I am continuously working with inspirational and masterful teachers, therapists, shamans and elders, attending experiential training to deepen my learning and wisdom in service of the greater whole. I believe in going deep and trusting this pilgrimage called life.

    My style is intuitive & can morph from deep enquiry, soulful guidance, embodied work to pragmatic planning depending on the topic brought to the session.


    Weaving the threads off my work together - systemic coaching, family constellations, shamanic practices through energy & sound medicine - all of which support identifying and releasing blocked energy - I have created a range of heart-centred and soulful 1:1 and group offerings to explore a question or topic that is currently present in your energy field and you are curious to find your next true step to take.

    I'll guide you to step back and connect with the essence of you that knows, to see from a quieter place and feel and see where balance and imbalance lies within a situation or question that's calling for your attention. However big or small it may feel.


    Taking a step back to see more of what is happening in life, to become aware of entanglements, limiting beliefs, mental blocks, discover what or who we are unknowingly being loyal to and what can be the cost of not being true to yourself and following your own path.

    I believe when we uncover these truths, see them for what they are, everything settles & heals; powerful energy is set free to move forward, in true alignment with your heart and soul.


    My motivation is to be who I needed to support me in those vulnerable moments in my life and walk along side those of you who feel ready to embark your own soul journey - by inviting you to reconnect with your heart, live in alignment with your soul, and therefore grow emotionally, creatively and spiritually.


    Let's connect

    When you feel ready get in touch for your free 20 minute connection call. No strings attached.

    Book your session here or send me a message below

    Let's connect
  • What people say

    Kind words

    Claire, Photographer, UK

    Coaching and Constellations

    I heard Nicky talk on a podcast, it was like a lightbulb moment, everything she said made sense to me, especially around the natural rhythms in nature and what we can learn from nature for our own lives

    Nicky has a very gentle and reassuring way of guiding you to look inside your soul and find the answers that have been there along.

    When I started my coaching sessions my main objective was to determine the next steps in my business development. Not only has Nicky supported me in achieving this but she has helped me to understand how my past has affected my present and what makes me a beautiful human. Like opening my heart and seeing how it's designed. This is a truly wonderful gift that she so eloquently guides you through and one that now grounds me but also continues to grow.

    Thank you for being a wonderful human and for offering me a safe place to bare my soul xx

    Inés, Brand Healer, Spain

    1-2-1 Coaching

    Nicola is highly intuitive. We connected instantaneously and I felt like running a sprint while being completely relaxed and comfortable. So calm, so agile and strong at the same time. If you are transitioning, I highly recommend coaching with Nicola.

    Katherine, Business Owner, UK

    1-2-1 Coaching

    Nicola has a peaceful and healing energy. Coaching has taught me coping strategies, it gave me an outlet so that emotions didn’t overwhelm me at the wrong moments. It helped me develop a positive mindset and take action that would move me forward. It helped me discover who I was and what I cared most about so I could build a new life around that. Most importantly it gave me back a sense of control.

    I wouldn’t be where I am without it and I would recommend coaching to anyone who is looking to move forward in any area of their life. As I became stronger the coaching shifted to focus more on building a new career and a new life. I can’t imagine there will ever be a time where I won’t benefit from such a positive and encouraging activity.

    Having an inspiring person like Nix as my coach is just the icing on the cake.

    Rowena, Coach, UK

    1-2-1 Coaching

    Coaching with Nicola is at once calming and invigorating; an exploration that allows the whole self to be present and honoured.

    Nana, Designer, Germany

    1-2-1 Coaching

    Heart opening!

    Nicola's holistic approach has supported me to gain clarity and voice my desires and needs in all areas of my life. She has offered and co-created rituals with me which have lead to significant and sustainable shifts in my daily routine as well as my work. Understanding and living in alignment with my values help me to stay true to myself and to my path in life.

    Emily, Psychologist & Mindset Coach for Business Owners, UK

    Systemic Journaling Circle

    Nicky was brilliant at facilitating such a powerful session, with a group of people, especially since we were online, and enabling us all to create change within the facilitation. Really never had a session like it, and the combination of mediation, sound, writing and placement and movement of objects is just so unique and special. Nicky is a fantastic facilitator with great strength to hold space and help transformation

    Alissia, Accountability Coach, UK

    1-2-1 Coaching

    I was recommended to Nicola when I was feeling confused in my career path and couldn't see what was missing. Nicola’s coaching style is so refreshing, it was exactly at the pace I needed at this time. Her insightful intuition and questioning allowed me to reconnect with the answers that were already within me. Having rediscovered what I am wanting I have been able to make the changes to move forward connecting to the things that are important to me.

    Kevin, Business Owner & Coach, Germany

    1-2-1 Coaching

    Nicola has a unique ability to draw out the deeper things in people. She is very intuitive, deep and gentle. If you are seeking personal transformation, then I can highly recommend Nicola. I myself have deeply benefited from my coaching experience - it has changed so many things, not least my understanding of myself, my values and clarity on my life's direction and purpose. Thank you so much!

    Batul, Digital Marketing Manager, Hong Kong

    1-2-1 Coaching

    I have been working with Nicola for over a year and it was the best investment decision I could have made. She opened my eyes to underlying problems, their root causes and helped me understand how to move forward and guided me to change my attitude towards my personal and business life.

    Emese, Writer & Blogger, Hungary

    1-2-1 Coaching

    I felt very much at ease with Nicola during our session, and I had a huge breakthrough that just snuck up on me. She asked just the right questions to help me get out what needed to get out. I felt truly safe and supported.

    Annabel, Head of Marketing, UK

    The Instant Pause

    Step off the conveyer belt, have some time for you, away from the craziness of your day to day. Spend your day in your own retreat with a few other people on their journeys and let Nicola guide you gently through a day of creativity, exploration and discovery. You will come away feeling refreshed and reenergised and it will feel literally as if time has stood still for those few hours. With her coaching experience and expertise she was on-hand throughout the day to offer pointers or answer questions and then bring us all back together to reconnect and move us effortlessly through the day, without feeling like we were ticking items off an agenda.

    Read more of Annabel's review on The Instant Pause here.

    Rebecca, Practitioner, UK

    The Wild Pause

    The Wild Pause was the perfect combination of nature, adventure and connection! Nicola and Ian led the group brilliantly, creating a sense of safety and community that allowed us all to relax and come into greater connection with ourselves and each other.

    Thea, Sustainability Professional, UK

    Spirit of Nature Workshop

    Nicola has a gift for storytelling and provides a comfortable and inviting space for people to discover more about their own nature through connecting with the natural world outside.

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