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    Sometimes we need to slow down to move forward

    Life today is busy. And it feels its getting faster by the minute


    The daily challenge of juggling work and daily routine leads to postpone taking care of what is most important: YOU


    Take a step back from your busy daily routine and create space to reflect, reconnect with yourself and allow room for inspiration and transformation.


    I'll support you on your journey to

    - reconnect with yourself

    - identify and release inner blocks

    - deepen your learning about yourself

    - discover what really matters to you

    - and to create the life you aspire to


    Through coaching, workshops and retreats in nature I create space for you in your busy life to slow down and breathe again.

  • Coaching & Workshops

    Creating change from the inside out.

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    Coaching for Individuals

    In the coaching sessions we embark on a journey that deepens your learning about yourself, even parts of you you may have bottled away long ago due to e.g. fear or guilt. We will explore what deeply matters to you and how to take steps forward, however small or big these may be to create the life you envision for yourself. I will support you in navigating this journey to lead the life and rhythm of life you aspire.


    Sessions via Skype or FaceTime


    In English and German.


    Workshops & Retreats

    Group Workshops & Retreats in nature

    We often get so stuck into daily life that we forget to consider what we're escaping from and running towards. These retreats create space to throw the anchor, slow down and reconnect with what matters to you, find clarity and take the first steps towards the life you want to live. Whether it be a shift in career or personal life. We'll have plenty of time to decelerate, have inspiring conversations, workshop content and gain clarity.


    Workshops will always be held in unique locations that invite us to digitally detox and recharge.


    In English and German.


  • Feeling trapped by life? Want to feel alive again? Not sure how to move forward?

    Do any of the following feelings ring true? I'm here for you to help you find clarity

    Chasing your dream

    Do you have a dream you are chasing and struggling to turn it into reality? Do you need support and accountability to take action to make it real? 

    Lost control?

    Do you feel like someone else is controlling your life with a remote? All you are doing is reacting to life and not following your own path but somebody else's? Jumping through somebody else's hoops?

    Feeling lost or stuck?

    Are you feeling lost, numb, sad and don't know where you are headed? Do you not even know where to start to make a change and have no energy? Full of fear of what change could mean?


    Are you feeling exhausted, physically and/or mentally burned out, overwhelmed by the demands of life and those around you and have no idea how to move forward?

    Career Change

    Do you feel you would like to do more fulfilling work that makes you come alive, change your career but are afraid of others opinions and of letting go of all securities?

    Relationship breakdown

    Has a significant personal, family or business relationship broken up and you feel lost and do not know how to get back on your own two feet and navigate the months ahead?

  • Workshops & Retreats

    More retreats to be announced soon - watch this space!

    The Instant Pause

    Additional dates and locations tba shortly


    Where would you like to have an Instant Pause?

    The Instant Pause

    Join me for The Instant Pause, a one day retreat aimed at busy people, who need time and space to pause, and slow down.


    You have dreams, ideas, wishes and desires - maybe even a growing sense of what your future could hold?


    Dedicate a day to yourself.

    A deep, reflective, creative and fun day, where you can take the time and freedom you need to connect more deeply with yourself.


    Full details and booking here

    Decelerate to Accelerate

    21st - 25th September 2017 in Umbria, Italy





    Additional dates & locations tba shortly

    Decelerate to Accelerate

    Join me in beautiful Umbria in the hamlet of Tribewanted Monestevole for 4 days - take time out in nature to reconnect with yourself, meet like-minded people and take first small steps towards a more fulfilling life.


    A beautiful farmhouse, long walks in the Italian countryside, inspiring conversations, clarity, setting intentions, community life, delicious local food & wine guaranteed.


    Full details and booking here


    Spirit of Nature

    Dates & locations in Europe tba shortly


    Where would you like to connect with the Spirit of Nature?

    Spirit of Nature

    Wherever you are in your life you can always begin again. Each minute, day, month, season provides you with an opportunity for a fresh start. To let go of the old and make way for the new. After all, it is nature’s way.


    Join me in in turning to nature on the outside to support us in finding our way back to our own true nature inside, finding our way back to who we are if we have got lost. Reconnect with yourself - we'll create space, enjoy fresh air, and have inspiring conversations.


    Details to follow soon



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    Decelerate to Accelerate

    2018 Gonubalabala Island, PNG tbc

    Decelerate to Accelerate

    Join me for a 2-week retreat on the stunning island of Gonubalabala in Papua New Guinea - where better to disconnect, take time to reflect, ponder on powerful questions, and map out your future than on a tropical island?


    Two individual coaching sessions included.


    Sunshine, clarity, inspiring conversations, self-development, relaxation in the hammock lounge and snorkeling with the manta rays guaranteed.



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    About Me

    Coach, Traveller & Tribebuilder, Communications consultant





    Me in a nutshell

    Originally from Wales, growing up as a third culture kid in Germany, attending an international school with children from nearly 50 nations, I‘ve been fascinated by people, their cultures and communication from a very young age. And this has remained so until today – whether going to uni in The Netherlands and Spain studying International Business and Social Psychology, travelling the world off the beaten track backpacking as well as by sailboat across the Pacific, or working with corporate executives, creative talents and building sustainable communities with local tribes on tropical islands... I've learned the beauty and power of communication with each individual - whether CEO, Tribe Chief, team member or creative spirit - in their own language, figuratively speaking. By watching and listening. My curiosity and love of non-verbal as well as verbal communication is never-ending.

    Losing me

    This deep connection to communication lead me to the world of advertising - and to cut a very long story short also lead to a major burnout in 2005. I was standing in front of the door to the office and literally couldn’t set a foot inside the building. I froze, my chest cramped, I couldn’t breathe. Thoughts rushed through my head — What am I doing with my life? This can’t be it. I’m following somebody else’s agenda. I feel like someone is controlling my life with a remote control. What’s in all of this for me? Apart from a paycheck, and mental and physical exhaustion? Absolutely nothing of value! I felt numb. I turned around and walked away. At the time I had no clue what to do or who to turn to. All I knew is that I wanted to escape the 16 hour days I was working. Fill my life with more purpose and add value.

    My only identity at the time was the job title on my business card. And through all of this my outward bubbly personality covered what was going on inside and I kept all my fears and anxiety to myself. I used to compare myself to a duck (this is no joke): on the surface I looked calm and serene, but under the surface I was paddling furiously. Never talked about what was really going on. Covered it up so as not to be a burden on others. It was time to take off that protective armour I had put on on my first day of work.

    Unravelling me

    Since then I've been on a long journey of slowing down, reevaluating life, inner healing, getting the mind chatter under control, and reconnecting with myself. I attempted change alone multiple times and failed. Only when I opened myself up to the fears and challenges ahead and reached out for support did the real transition kick in. It's been a physical and mental journey which took many turnings and has ultimately lead to me following and combining my love of coaching, travel & adventure, and community.

    In constant transition

    I qualified at CTI as a Co-Active Coach, Firework Career Coach at Firework & Careershifters and as a systemic coach at Coaching Constellations. I am constantly working with inspirational master coaches, attending workshops to deepen my learning and wisdom in the art of unconventional coaching. Continuous learning and development will accompany me always, every step of the way. I strongly believe in trusting the process.


    My motivation is to be who I needed to support me in those vulnerable moments in my life in the past and guide those of you who wish to take on your own challenges to create your own magnificent journey - by inviting you to reconnect with yourself and your heart and therefore grow emotionally, creatively and spiritually.

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  • Testimonials

    Client Feedback

    Katherine, UK

    On 1-2-1 Coaching

    Nicola has a peaceful and healing energy. Coaching has taught me coping strategies, it gave me an outlet so that emotions didn’t overwhelm me at the wrong moments. It helped me develop a positive mindset and take action that would move me forward. It helped me discover who I was and what I cared most about so I could build a new life around that. Most importantly it gave me back a sense of control.

    I wouldn’t be where I am without it and I would recommend coaching to anyone who is looking to move forward in any area of their life. As I became stronger the coaching shifted to focus more on building a new career and a new life. I can’t imagine there will ever be a time where I won’t benefit from such a positive and encouraging activity.

    Having an inspiring person like Nix as my coach is just the icing on the cake.

    Annabel, UK

    On The Instant Pause

    Step off the conveyer belt, have some time for you, away from the craziness of your day to day. Spend your day in your own retreat with a few other people on their journeys and let Nix guide you gently through a day of creativity, exploration and discovery. You will come away feeling refreshed and reenergised and it will feel literally as if time has stood still for those few hours. With her coaching experience and expertise she was on-hand throughout the day to offer pointers or answer questions and then bring us all back together to reconnect and move us effortlessly through the day, without feeling like we were ticking items off an agenda.

    Read more of Annabel's review on The Instant Pause here.

    Marc, UK

    On 1-2-1 Coaching

    Nicola is a very intuitive coach who supported me through a time of difficult decisions and transition. Understanding my values and what is important to me has given me back the confidence that I can take on the challenges ahead and follow my own path.

    Antje, Germany

    On 1-2-1 Coaching

    I'm a Project Manager & studied business administration. Needless to say I like efficiency and measurable output.

    It was hard to set a goal for the coaching. I guess my goal was to be able to set goals again as I felt lost and trapped in an unsatisfying situation. In the beginning I wasn't sure about the coaching. One part in me was searching for a measurable output. Nicky never told me what to do or how to set goals not even which goals I should go for.

    But instead of telling me what to do Nicky listens. She has the ability to sum a 30 minute monologue up in just one sentence which helps me to totally get it. She asks the right questions and helps me to answer mine if need be.

    Now I always looking forward to our sessions as they help me to get clarity, to focus and to believe in me without stopping to ask myself what I can do better. It is very much unmeasurable and therefore priceless.

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