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Energy Fields & Boundaries

The exploration of the human energy field

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Sometimes life can feel so crazy full and busy, leaving us with a craving for space to breathe.


I’d love to invite you to join me in taking three deep breaths and spend a few minutes scanning your energy field.


A journey into spatial awareness at this present moment, who is taking up space and is it the energy, the emotions, the beliefs that feel welcome, supportive and nurturing, or are they triggering, making you anxious or maybe even sapping energy.

Take a moment to scan your physical energy field, environmental, emotional, mental and spiritual energy field...

✨ Who is present and how comfortable do you feel with the space they occupy?

✨ Where do they stand in relation to you, considering felt closeness or distance?

✨ Who’s or which energy do you want more or less of around you?

✨ Who and what inspires you, supports you, or drains you?

✨ Which physical or energetic boundaries need to be drawn or which conversation may be required to create the space you need for you to feel calm and peace within?


What decision needs to be made, boundaries drawn or which conversation may be required?

Remember, if you don't set your own boundaries, others will set them for you