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When you can't google the answer to what you need most right now

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An invitation to slow down, 

leave the past behind, 

the future in the future, 

and just be in the present moment

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So often we are trying to escape ourselves, escape the present moment, be somewhere else, for someone else. Finding distractions to not tend to what is really important right now. In my experience this leads to suffering and anxiety, as we deny the experience we are having, ignoring What Is. The naked truth. That’s when the battle within, with our thoughts, feelings and emotions launch.

Essentially we are all seeking inner peace in this deeply human experience, a sense of rest and space to just show up as ourselves. Be ourselves with all our radiance, quirks and challenges. Looking for a place to feel safe and at home within.

Home within is the place you feel easeful. A place you feel aligned with your soul. It's a place that cannot be googled (cause Google cannot answer our big life questions!), it cannot be found by looking externally, or following someone else's blueprint. It's a spiral and often adventurous journey within - connecting with, listening to and embracing our full range of emotions. All of our emotions, the ones we love AND the uncomfortable ones equally.

Especially in moments when I feel anxious, angry or stuck, I find it most useful to close my eyes, take a deep breath, lay one hand on my heart and one in my belly and ask myself what is truly important, what are my emotions communicating, what needs my attention right now.

Close your eyes and listen to your souls' wisdom. Start allowing everything and every emotion to have its place. Don't rush the process, and truly listen...

What needs your wholehearted attention most right now?

I'd love to hear about your experience of what needs tending to right now for you, so feel free to connect and share with me. And if you feel you need support on your journey, someone to walk alongside you while you discover and reveal what requires your attention, please know I'm here for you when you are ready.

With love, Nicola x